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1. Lecturing

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2. Mentoring

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About eBiz2018

The 6th eBiz International Summer School program is designed to introduce attenders to the world of start-ups and multi-channel marketing and provide them with the advanced technical skills needed to identify, engage, and develop relationships with customers in a digital environment.

Organized by University of the Aegean, Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering, 9 – 15 July 2018, Syros, Greece

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We focus on:

eBiz2018 is targeting the digital entrepreneurs and marketeers who want to improve their skills and be informed for the state of the art practices. You will be able to meet professionals, willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Participants will learn how to develop digital “painkillers” and at the same time increase their online business visibility and conversion rates, thanks to modern growth-hacking marketing strategies.

Applications are now open!

Registration period from 04-02-2018 until 22-06-2018

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eBiz2018 Sessions

1st day– Monday 9 July

I have an e-dea…  @ Athens Centre

2nd day – Tuesday 10 July

Start the Start-Up: A Legal guide @ Athens Centre

3rd day– Wednesday 11 July

Educational visit  @ ATCOM, Athens

4th day– Friday 13 July

Welcome Reception, @Ermoupolis, Syros

5th day– Saturday 14 July

Digital Marketing for Start-ups | Omni-channel marketing @Syros

6th day–Sunday 15 July

Digital prototyping @ Ermoupolis, Syros

eBiz2018 Team

Dr. Dimitris Drossos

Dr. Dimitris Drossos

Assistant Professor, University of Aegean

Dr. Modestos Stavrakis

Dr. Modestos Stavrakis

Lecturer, University of Aegean

Dr. Constantinos Coursaris

Dr. Constantinos Coursaris

Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Dr. Sergios Dimitriadis

Dr. Sergios Dimitriadis

Associate Professor, Athens Univ. of Economics & Business

Dr. Wietske Van Osch

Dr. Wietske Van Osch

Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Pennny Kontogeorgou

Pennny Kontogeorgou

ICT and Data Protection Legal Expert

Dr. Koutsampasis Panayiotis

Dr. Koutsampasis Panayiotis

Assistant Professor, University of Aegean

The 6-day Summer School, addresses to: APGE9613

Entrepreneurs, Business executives, Consultants, Postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, Young scientists,Postgraduate students and who wish to enhance their theoretical background and practical skills in the field of e-Business.

Criteria for selecting participants: Degree/s relevant with the topics and scope of the eBiz Summer School, e-business Working Experience (* not required), Motivation for participating at eBiz. Preferably, the applicant should state the specific reasons for participating in this specific programme, Priority according to registration date.


The eBiz Summer School lectures will take place in Athens (The Athens Centre, please check http://athenscentre.gr/ for more info).

I have an e-dea…  (09:30-12:30, Dr. Drossos, Univ. of the Aegean @ Athens Centre, Mets, Athens)

  • Idea generation & screening
  • Idea validation
  • Building Habit-Forming e-Products: Getting Hooked…

Task: Getting ready for eBiz Design Sprint*

* eBiz Design Sprint = eBiz assignment that must be online delivered by the 5th of August

Start the Start-Up: A Legal guide (09:00-12:00, P. Kontogeorgou, ICT and Data Protection Legal Expert @ Athens Centre, Mets, Athens)

  • E-business Law
  • How to manage an IP portfolio
  • Incorporate an Online Business
  • Equity financing

Educational visit (09:00-12:00, ATCOM @ 95 Aristotelous str. Acharnai, Athens)

  • E-business transformation
  • Building ‘Phygital’ experiences; when digital is incorporated into a physical, brick-and-mortar entity, to create an ecosystem across the 2 worlds


Lectures will be held @ University premises, former 1st High School in Ermoupolis.

(Welcome Reception, 23:00 @ Ermoupolis, Syros)

  • Light dinner

Digital Marketing for Start-ups (09:00-12:00, Dr. Coursaris & Dr. Van Osch, MSU @ former 1st High School, Ermoupolis, Syros)

  • Intro to digital marketing assets
  • Effective strategies for Start-ups
  • Tips & Tricks

Omni-channel marketing (18:00-20:30, Dr. Dimitriadis, AUEB)

  • Connected retail and technology
  • How to transform the customer experience

Digital prototyping (09:00-12:00, Dr. Stavrakis & Dr. Koutsampasis, Univ. of the Aegean @ former 1st High School, Ermoupolis, Syros)

  • UI/UX concepts with hands-on experience
  • Develop a medium fidelity prototype

ECTS Acknowledgement

(2 ECTS credits)

Upon successful completion of the course (1 week lectures) and completion of an essay for a digital start-up, participants will receive a certification honoring 2 ECTS points. Certification of 2 ECTS will be awarded only to those participants that will choose to conduct an essay back home (not mandatory). However, all participants will receive a certification of attendance

eBiz2018 Fees

The fees for every participant cover: Access to all lectures and workshops, Access to electronic material, Wi-Fi coverage, Students’ bag, Access to coffee, Access to light lunch. Cancelation policy – Refunding Before 06/03 90% of Registration Fee minus bank charges 06/04 – 07/02: 50% of Registration Fee minus bank charges After – 07/03: No refund

During Lectures

After School Activities

Night Activities


Applications are now open!

Registration period from 04-02-2018 until 22-06-2018

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